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Finest Herbal Shop Botanical Herbal Bath





Rose Epsom Salt  Lavender
Baking Soda
Jasmine flowers  Chamomile 
Cinnamon Stick
Orange Peel Calendula 
Peppermint Herb
Himalayan Pink Salt  Lavender Essential Oil
And more

Eye Health
Balance Your Mind 
Balance Your Body
Clear Negative  Energy
opening up the mind Revitalize  Your Mind & Body 
Element Negative Energy

Key Facts to Bathing and Soaking with Finest Herbal Shop Botanical Spiritual Bath, With these unique herbs and essential oils blend this is the ultimate aromatherapy herbal treatment. You can feel the oils float to the top and the fresh herbal blend together to give your skin that aromatherapy feeling when you get in, Revitalize your mind and body for hours.  Finest Herbal Shop Botanical spiritual Bath makes your water feel silky and fresh, It Element Negative Energy. Balance Your Body, Balance Your Mind, soften your skin, relax the muscles, and soak away the stresses of the day. Our unique blend is formulated with all-natural botanical flowers such as chamomile, calendula, lavender, rose .essential oils, and more. To also added, This ultimate aromatherapy herbal treatment is a relaxing bath that will help you in your everyday lives

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