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Finest Herbal Shop Blood Circulation Balance Herbal Tonic


Blood circulation in the body is vital to the proper functioning of other organs in the body. It is important to have a balance blood measure to ensure proper health performance. Finest Herbal Shop Balance Tonic is made from organic ingredients and it treats sickness symptoms such as Autism, Spectrum issues, Depression, Emotional Imbalance, Anxiety, and others. This product does not contain dairy, soy, yeast, nuts, casein, gluten.




Organic wild hops
Turmeric extract
Passionflower leaf
Why you should buy Finest Herbal Shop Balance Tonic
It is made from 100% organic ingredients
It helps to regulate mood
It works faster with zero side effect
It is medically scrutinized for use
It treats symptoms based on prescription

Usage Instructions:

For Age 3-11 years - use teaspoon capsule each morning for the first week. Increase if necessary to 2 teaspoons twice a day.
For Age 12 and above - start with 1 teaspoons each morning and increase up to 2 teaspoons per day.
Use consistently in the first 30 days.

Product should be keep out the reach of children. Store in a dry, and dark space.

Caution: Consider consulting your medical adviser before taking this product to understand your body status. If you are pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients please kindly use our other products.

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