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30 days healthy weight loss


Body size has become a transcends concern from personal concerns to a societal problem in this era. Why not burn out the accumulated excessive body Fats and weight in a healthy and medical manner. Is that you need your body back to shape so as to regain your spouse

heart ? Or you have lost your smartness in office or in carrying out your work duties ?






days Yoga workouts to burn out fats and accumulated stress from your body. These yoga workouts are detailed and clear call to action for


all week day activities. It also comes with clear illustrative pictorial guidance to understand the workouts processes.

This book also contains process of mind clearing through meditation. You get the chance to access numbers of meditation medium once you acquire this book.

Anthia Wint is a seasoned Author and Founder of numerous herbal and lifestyle books and establishments. She has experiences and testimonies that backs her professional practices.


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